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We're sorry you must be 18 years-of-age or older to Adopt a Dog. However, your Parent or Guardian may do so.
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Pet ownership is a serious commitment that the entire household needs to consider and agree to before the animal is adopted. We want to ensure that each adoptive household is aware of, and willing and able to accept, the physical and financial responsibilities of pet ownership. Not everyone who desires to own a pet is ready to properly care for one.This questionnaire will assist both you and us in determining if your household is prepared to assume the role of responsible caretaker for a rescued animal.

Animals can be expensive to care for (estimated average annual cost is $750 for one dog). Are you willing and able to provide adequate food, shelter and medical care,including yearly checkups and vaccinations, for an adopted animal?
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There is a non-refundable adoption application donation of $10. to submit an application. This donation covers some of the costs associated with processing applications, maintaining our technology and new initiatives at CBRR&R. We cannot guarantee that we will have an available dog that matches your requirements or that your application will be processed in a specific time frame.
Please Click on [Pay with PayPal] button to make your Donation, or if you were given a Discount Code from a CBRR&R representative click on the Pay with Valid Discount Code] button to enter code.

Only Applications with a paid application fee or valid Discount Code will be submitted for processing.
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I acknowledge that I completely read this questionnaire, comprehend it fully, know that applying does not ensure approval and that untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application or the adoption contract can result in the forfeiture of any CBR Relief & Rescue dog adopted by me.